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Pre: Gr. 11-12

Credit: .5 S1                 E          Gr. 11-12

Contemporary Issues B is designed to increase student awareness and understanding of a variety of political, social, environmental and economic issues that affect humanity today and have implications for the future.  Possible units of study include the role of the media in society, human rights in the U.S. and the world, conflict resolution, and the effects of globalization on national economies, cultures and environments. There will also be a unit that focuses on the November elections.  Students will have the opportunity to examine their own perceptions and refine their own opinions as they reflect on readings, films, discussions and lectures of guest speakers. Specific topics studied will vary in response to student interest and current events.  **This class will fulfill the graduation requirement in Politics for students who previously took freshman Politics and did not receive credit. 


Civic Life Project component- Students who sign up for Contemporary Issues may also take part in the Civic Life Project.  During the course students who are involved with the project will learn about how documentary film making.  Topics will include writing a script, interviewing, detecting bias, analyzing factual information and learning from multiple perspectives using various media sources.  Students will apply their knowledge in these areas in order to focus on an issue or event and write a “treatment” for a documentary.  If they choose to continue with the Civic Life Project in the second semester they will learn the process of making a documentary film in the Video Productions Course.  The Civic Life Project has enabled students from across the state to become involved with issues and events that are important to them and has given opportunities for students to create meaningful and purposeful documentaries that educate the school and community. 


Course Objectives:

Identify and examine current events/issues that affect modern society

Discuss and debate current issues that are affecting the world today

Evaluate the impact and importance of selected current events and issues on individuals and groups.


General Responsibilities:

Respect (adhere to class rules, positive attitude, consider others’ viewpoints, be patient)

Responsibility (prepare for class, be on time, meet deadlines, use time well, positive behaviors)

Integrity (be honest, do your own work, behave ethically, use appropriate resources to for tasks)

Achievement (work to your potential, set and meet goals, improve performance, support peers)

Community (respect others, value school facilities, cooperate, be involved in the school)