Roman Comedy & Roman Lyric

Latin poetry and the Golden Age authors are the concentrations with selections from Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars.  Scansion of Latin poetry (dactylic hexameter and elegiac couplet) in addition to oral reading is emphasized.  The period of the Trojan War is summarized through projects, audio and video tapes, and drama scripts.  (Summer reading of the Iliad is encouraged.  The Odyssey is part of the freshman curriculum and is briefly reviewed.)  Vocabulary is thoroughly reviewed through special vocabulary sheets focused on the language of Vergil.  Skill in understanding the figurative language of poetry is developed.  Studenst are encouraged to enter state and national contests requiring knowledge of the language, literature, and culture of the Romans.  The passages from Caesar will further develop the students’ understanding of the role of propaganda in national literature as well as their skills in Latin prose.  This course will also prepare students who are interested in taking the AP Vergil/Caesar Exam in May.  (UConn ECE – 3 credits)

Information about the Latin trip to Italy in April 2017

The first Latin class at E.O Smith. Cambridge Latin Course Units 1 & 2

The second Latin course at EO Smith, primarily Cambridge Latin Course Units 2 & 3.