• CWE II places emphasis on the continuation of job skill development, life and career skills. A number of job related skills will be researched and learned in depth. Students are challenged to read and think critically, to problem solve, to evaluate, to analyze and to discuss topics related to employment. Students will also use technology and media to enhance their knowledge base.
  • This class places emphasis on learning skills and completing tasks related to achieving 21st century learning expectations.

The purpose of CWE I is to provide the student with an overview of today’s workplace, specifically the forces that influence the functioning of businesses and organizations in the global economy and the changing needs of the employer. Students are made more aware of where they are in the career decision making process. Workforce trends and basic economics are also explored. This course prepares students for competitive job searches, writing resumes and cover letters, and interviewing. Students are also taught an understanding of basic taxes, insurances, budgeting, personal finances, banking, credit and loans, etc.