Drawing II

Mrs. Glaeser  tglaeser@eosmith.org

Prerequisite: 80 or above in Drawing I

Course Description:

Emphasis on the, the figure, still life, color relationships, mark making, a greater understanding of the elements and principles of art and the use of a variety of mediums. A sketchbook/journal will be collected weekly and participation in critique is expected.  Drawing II students are to use problem solving skills and critical thinking when executing a drawing. Assignments will vary from quick exercises to completed bodies of work.


A.P. Studio Art Drawing students will develop a body of work for the quality, breadth ,and concentration sections of the College Board portfolio. Students will work at a college level, completing a study of art that may allow college credit and advanced placement while attending high school.

Students who enroll in A.P. Studio Art Drawing must be prepared to create art beyond classroom instruction and participate in critical decisions regarding the direction of their artwork. Assignments and instruction will allow students to expand upon their drawing and painting skills through a wide variety of approaches and mediums, in turn drawings should demonstrate a strong sense of artistic vision and composition. Students will explore line quality, texture, the use of light and shadow, mass building and be able to show a sense of depth and evolution of ideas in their work. To successfully complete the A.P. Studio Art requirements of 24 pieces of artwork for a portfolio students are encouraged to work on projects at a minimum of 4 hours per week outside of the classroom. A.P. Drawing students should complete one to two drawings per week, excluding their sketchbook. Students will use goal setting to help make art an ongoing process.

This course teaches basic fundamental and foundational drawing skills. You will learn “how to see”, create original studies, and use various drawing media and techniques.  Problem solving, creating, and critique are a part of your daily routine. You will be challenged in this class with abstract thinking, and projects will be composed using the elements and principles of art and design-don’t get discouraged…you might not get it at first…so ask questions. Each project will build upon newly learned skills. Digital cameras, smart phones, or cell phones with cameras are helpful to photograph your subjects. You may borrow a camera to photograph your subjects if you need to!