Creative Writing is an intensive workshop course designed for students who like and want to write.  Emphasis is placed on surveying and experimenting with a wide range of genres, techniques, and strategies.  Students will provide much of the course text through their own production and must not only be willing to receive and apply critiques of their drafts, but to provide thoughtful, honest, and sensitively-phrased critiques of the drafts of their classmates.  Additionally, Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, Stephen King's On Writing, and many other texts about writing craft will be required reading.

This college preparatory course introduces students to a broad spectrum of American ideals and values derived from the study of American literature.  Emphasis is on selected great works:  novels, plays, poems, essays, journals, autobiography, and speeches.  Students study the works of a range of important American writers.  They have regular reading and writing assignments, vocabulary study, oral reports, and grammar review. Learning library research skills and writing a research paper are also important objectives.